Even if you’ve never said it out loud, you know you want publicity for you and your business.  Who doesn’t want to become a media darling? Even if you are an introvert, you can get through an interview and an article. Being a media darling or securing publicity that leads to lots of buzz is so much better than ads, but at least ads are trackable, right? So is publicity.

11 Tips to Become a Media Darling, Secure Publicity and Generate Buzz for your Biz

  1. Begin your day by brainstorming with the digital daily and weekly paper.

    Get into the habit of reading your online local daily paper and weeklies … with a notebook and pen in hand or your favorite digital notebook. Scan the headlines of each section and ask yourself: “What is in the news today that ties in with what I want to promote?”

  2. Read financial publications daily.

    Everyday statistics change. Stocks go up or down. Interest rates fluctuate or threaten to. Consider ways you can use this info for a news angle. Believe it or not, you can tie in fluctuations in your own business based on current market trends.

  3. Listen to questions your clients and customers ask you.

    There might be a trend starting that you can use to create a story about your biz.

  4. Think about your organization and what makes it important to someone else.

    Don’t just think of why it should be important.

  5. Consider how the reader’s life will be changed or improved by your product or service.

    You want to leave the reader feeling like they need to act on the info you’ve presented.

  6. To tell a good story, first you must do something newsworthy.

    You and your organization make news more often than you realize. You understand your business more intimately than anyone, which gives you a better perspective on your market. The hurdle likes in your ability to recognize what makes a story and who the most appropriate journalists are to tell that story.

  7. Read trade publications to spot industry trends.

    What is the buzz in your trade pubs? What are new developments in your field? Use your access to this information to shape a story.

  8. Find story ideas in the course of your daily routine.

    Keep a notebook and pay attention to story-worthy events that pop up in the course of your day. You’ll be surprised at how many arise.

  9. Listen to comedians on radio and TV for inspiration.

    Comedians and late-night talk show hosts have their fingers on the pulse of trends to which everyone can relate.

  10. Work with the calendar.

    Have you noticed that weight loss articles fill newspapers and magazines every January and tax tips in March? Editors have a pressing need for timely stories, but demand fresh twists that are relevant to their audiences. A top ten list of tips is always welcome.

  11. Work with holidays.

    Create a story angle by tying in with regular holidays or with a holiday you find in Chase’s Directory of Events — https://rowman.com/Page/Chases. You can even make up your own special day and get publicity for it.

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