For What Purposes Do We Process Your Data?

TheMediaINSIDER.co will process your personal data to deliver services provided under the Agreement on the provision of services by electronic means, which provides a basis for processing of your personal data by us.

If you have also voluntarily consented to receiving marketing and commercial information from Prowly.com, we will be processing your personal data also for this purpose.

What Are The Grounds For The Processing Of Your Data?

We are processing your personal data by electronic means. The provision of personal data is voluntary, yet necessary for the performance of the Agreement concluded with TheMediaINSIDER.co.

If you have additionally given consent to the processing of your personal data for other marketing purposes, including for the purpose of distributing commercial information, we will also be processing your data.

Who Is The Recipient Of Your Personal Data?

The TheMediaINSIDER.co and the software installed to process your payment. Encrypting software is also used. We cannot personally see your credit card information. Any issues with your form of payment will come directly to you on screen or via email asking you to correct the information.

For How Long Do We Process Your Data?

We will continue to process your personal data until cooperation has been concluded, that is, upon termination of the Agreement and once TheMediaINSIDER.co determines that a client has no payments to TheMediaINSIDER.co (until TheMediaINSIDER.co’sentitlements are collected through a recovery procedure and completed legal proceedings resulting in a final and legally valid court decision).

In regard to the data we process based on the legitimate interests pursued by TheMediaINSIDER.co and based on the consent you have expressed – until the moment you notify objection.

What Are Your Rights In Relation To The Fact That We Process Your Personal Data?

Because TheMediaINSIDER.co processes your personal data, you have the right to request erasure or restriction of processing. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data by TheMediaINSIDER.co.

If we are also processing your data and given your consent to receiving marketing and commercial information, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. The processing of personal data by TheMediaINSIDER.co is lawful from the moment consent has been expressed until it is withdrawn, which shall be the moment when such information has reached TheMediaINSIDER.co. After the completion of the processing for the original purpose, data will not be processed for any other purpose.

If you would like to exercise your rights referred to above, please contact us via email at: support@TheMediaINSIDER.co.

The Conditions Relating To The Provision Of Personal Data.

Please be advised that under the Agreement concluded with TheMediaINSIDER.co, you are contractually obliged to provide the following personal data (this also being a prerequisite for providing our services):

1. email address, password, name

2. company data and address

The provision of data for the purpose of pursuing legitimate interests of TheMediaINSIDER.co is voluntary, yet necessary for the performance of the Agreement.