It’s giving season and what better way to give than add in some donuts!
Database Giveaway
1. Subscribe to The Media Insider HERE. You will receive an email asking if you are interested in receiving a one year license to The Media Insider. 
2. The email will ask if you will participate in the following activities:
– Sign up for a free license with our one time code just for you.
– Complete the ‘Let’s Get Started’ worksheet for setting up your media lists.
– Give us feedback on your experience setting up your media lists and downloading them.
– Recommend and introduce us to 10 other businesses via email.
– Share our Linkedin Account/posts on Linkedin
– Share our Facebook Account on Facebook (if you have one)
– Share our Instagram Account on Instagram (if you have one)
– Give us permission to share your picture & social accounts as a winner of a 1 year license.
The license is valued at $500 and the point of offering it free to 10 participants once a quarter is to reward you for promotion of The Media Insider as well as receiving feedback from your use.
All current subscribers are eligible as well.  So, if you are already opted in, you have received an email about our Donuts and Databases.
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