Tour The Dashboard

After you SIGN UP for a license to your state or states of choice, you will have access to a user dashboard that allows search, making media groups. clickable email and phone links to your media person of choice, an ASK Cyndy A PR Question board and the ability to use Cyndy to pitch a story for you. The Dashboard also allows you to export your lists or the entire database or the database in book format. If you have any questions after you tour the dashboard, click on the contact button on the menu and send us a question!

Below are screenshots of the different pages on your Dashboard.

User Dashboard
When you get access, our HOME page will always pop up and you will have a menu item called DASHBOARD. Once you click on that, this is what you will see. You have access to the STATES you have license to, the ability to update your profile, advanced searched module and your own custom lists of media that you make. You may ask Cyndy Hoenig, our resident PR Guru, questions on your own private board and the ability to request representation for a story from Cyndy as well.
Your profile page lets us know who you are, the organization you are with, when your license started and what type of membership you have. You don’t have to but we’d love for you to add your picture so we can feel like we know who we are helping and chatting with if need be.
Book Screenshot
There is a choice on the DASHBOARD that says STATES. Once clicked on, the page title says BOOKS. You will have a drop down list of each state you have license to and the ability to download the database for that state in a book format. You will have the ability to export your custom lists in an excel format within Advanced Search.
Sent Email Screenshot
Half way down on the left column is EMAIL US. This is where you can send us questions about your account, any tech questions as well. Use the ASK Cyndy board for PR questions and EMAIL US for everything else.
Advance Search Screenshot
SEARCH MEDIA has three types of search.  The Advanced Search is the most extensive. You can search by MEDIA TYPE, JOB TITLE and TOPICS.  Once you have a license, there is a list of FAQ’s to show you how to use search to make your own lists.
Simple Search Screenshot
SIMPLE SEARCH is a great search to use when you know the publication you want to see by typing the name in search or by clicking on the letter the publication. You can also search on any word in the search box on the right.
Quick List Screenshot
List example … let’s say you made a list called REPORTERS that work on WEEKLIES.  When you click on it, you always get the name of the entity first. The + symbol box opens up the list of reporters within that entity.
Lists Screenshot
QUICK LIST shows all of your custom lists and other ways to search. You can also create new lists here as well,
list choice record screenshot
This is an example of the reporter from list from above. When City Sentinental is opened you can see the reporter you would contact.  You can click on the email address and send your info/press release or if you are on your phone, tapping on the phone number will call this reporter.

Your Dashboard

Search, Ask Cyndy and Database Download are all at your fingertips. If you want ‘representation’ to pitch a story, Cyndy Hoenig (our PR Rockstar) will consider ‘repping you’ or your business’. Fill out the form and connect with Cyndy. Also, your profile can be updated by you at any time and you can upgrade your package as well.


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