We are all about DIY PR!

Your business or organization will always have something important to share – great stories, products, inventions, solved problems and expert content creation. Send it beyond the cloud to the right media to get media coverage to the right audience. If you are an entrepreneur or self-employed, DIY PR is a must!

We are adding more comprehensive DIY PR kits monthly and are working to provide an expansive media contact database for all of the United States per category.

In 2023 we will be offering ONE DAY PR INTENSIVE’s, where you will have the opportunity to work with us to review all of your hard work and recommend changes and strategy. If you are interested, start with our free download  “FIND YOUR STORY TEMPLATE“.

PR Guru Cyndy Hoenig, a PR legend in Oklahoma and 20 years in Hollywood, is an expert in telling client stories. She will help you in telling your story.  Our media resources help you gather contact information for your stories, news releases and PSA’s.

Check out our DIY PR KIT library.  We have several DIY PR KITS per type of business and will be adding more every week. We listen to our customers and this has been an ongoing request.

Media need content.

They need your story and the why.

Creating relationships with your local and regional media is the best way to help them do their job … reporting, writing, and being the first to know.

Working with media DIY PR

Ask A PR Rockstar


Our fabulous PR ROCKSTAR Cyndy Hoenig is here for you! Cyndy has a book on Amazon called PR Rockstar. She has been ‘In The Biz’ as they say for decades.

She has represented major celebrities in the past in Hollywood like Suzanne Somers, Tim McGraw, Sister Sister, The Brown Family (OJ Trial) and the list goes on. Cyndy has been representing many businesses and individuals in Oklahoma for the last three decades as well.

Have you heard the term “they take her calls”? Cyndy is the ‘her’ in that statement.

You can submit questions to Cyndy and she will answer! If you need her to ‘rep you’ for an event, article, TV interview … no big retainer is necessary. Fill out the form and she will call you. If she agrees to rep you, you pay upfront and she will ‘get on it’!

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