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The Media Insider (TMI) is a service of Media Mogul Partners, owned and operated by Margaret Croom and Cyndy Hoenig. TMI was created to fill a convenience issue with finding accurate contact information on media entities by state. First out of the gate was the media list for the state of Oklahoma. Other states have been added, but with the additions of affordable writer/journalist databases that are know for their accuracy, It didn’t make sense to continue the laborious process of creating our own.  We have pivoted to providing DIY PR Guides, Toolkits, and Press Release Services for the new entrepreneur and self-employed. We recommend, via our PR Guides, online databases that provide accurate names, phones numbers, emails and websites for contacting local and national media.

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Communication Strategy

Dive deep into what you want to communicate to your audience by using  our extensive Communication Strategy Template.  We have created a downloadable excel spreadsheet with all of the details we use when working with a client to audit, analyze, create and track communicating to your audience. It is created for the DIY’r, however, we also offer the opportunity to do it for you.

Press Release
Writing Service

Let us write your press release! We hear all the time, ‘I know I should write and send out a press release, but I just put it off until it’s too late’ or ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I send it but don’t have time to follow up’.  We will do all of that for you!

DIY PR Guides

We’ve got you covered! We have a general guide and also industry guides that address specific PR and communication tips. Grab yours!


I’m Margaret

Margaret is an ambitious growth marketing professional with extensive experience in identifying new channels and opportunities as well as an experienced, detail-oriented marketer. She can take an idea and make a business out of it … fast!  She is a hands on communication strategists and helps businesses identify and communicate effectively to their audience.


If you need an expert who has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and retail owners, Margaret is your person.


I’m Cyndy

Cyndy Hoenig is a PR rockstar and has been a PR professional for decades. She has a book on Amazon called PR Rockstar and has been ‘In The Biz’ as they say for decades.

She has represented major celebrities in the past in Hollywood like Suzanne Somers, Tim McGraw, Sister Sister, The Brown Family (OJ Trial) and the list goes on. Cyndy has been representing many businesses and individuals in Oklahoma for the last three decades as well.

Did you know Cyndy invented the television award show mosh pit?  She did! The first one was for Pee Wee Herman after his career debacle. It was genius! That one idea gave him back his career. Cyndy also came up with the genius initial promo for Suzanne Somers Thigh Master.  Yes, she is a master at PR..


If you want to read PR stories from a Hollywood publicist, grab Cyndy’s book PR Rock Star on Amazon. Cyndy has worked with many Hollywood Celebrities, Sitcoms, Singers, Law Firms, and more.  She owns an event center in Oklahoma City and has a famous salad dressing in many grocery stores in Oklahoma City as well.

Margaret has published books too.  None other than the Nosey Parker Guides, which encouraged women to shop local based on brand and quality. She opened markets in Spokane, WA and Oklahoma City, working with over 225 retailers.

Margaret’s accomplishments:

  • Chosen as a top 250 women entrepreneurs in the United States by NYU WE2
  • Top Blogger 3x’s Spokane, WA, brought Ignite to Spokane and  Mentored Startup Spokane
  •  Selected by Salesforce.com as a small business analyst for Dreamforce
  • $1m contract for startup Momentix

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