About Company

Who is The Media Insider? We are a women owned company and a service of Media Mogul Partners. The Media Insider was created to fill a ‘convenience’ issue with finding accurate contact information on media entities by state. There are large databases online with all kinds of info to contact media. However, it’s expensive and rarely up to date. We also offer DIY PR KITS for those who don’t have a budget for a public relations professional.

Most businesses who have announcements, need to advertise or who want attention for a story, never need to contact The New York Times or Good Morning America or a media entity that is in a state 1,500 miles away. Yes, you can go look up the info on the internet, per entity. Have fun doing that! We put it all in one place and for a fair price. The Media Insider allows subscribers to perform quick searches, organize media lists and email your states top media contacts all with just the click of a mouse. Search an array of different media outlets and customize your lists exactly how you’d like.

Who uses The Media Insider? Professionals in journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising, legislation and lots of small businesses who take care of their own PR/Marketing efforts. Pitching stories, buying advertising, sending news releases? The Media Insider is the source that everyone in the communication industry needs to be successful. We help you do a better job.